Past, Present, Future: Honoring the Stoughton Community Building

On Thursday, March 7, 2024 the Stoughton Area School District, alumni, and the community came together to honor the Stoughton Community Building.  This event served as a kickoff to construction as a result of the passed 2022 Facilities Referendum and a time to celebrate the unveiling of a new historical sign about the River Bluff Campus.  The evening was filled with fond memories of time spent in the building and a chance to connect with fellow community members.

Nancy Hagen, the Stoughton Historical Society, Dr. Dan Keyser, District Administrator of SASD, and Ruby Royston, senior at Stoughton High School, spoke on behalf of the past, present and future of the building and the school district.  Hagen unveiled an informational sign on the history of the River Bluff Campus, donated by the Stoughton Historical Society and planned for installation on the far west side of the property spring of 2024.  Royston spoke on honoring the past, a commitment to the students of the future, and excitement for the opportunities the new addition to River Bluff Middle School will bring to the community.

The Stoughton Community Building, also known as the Armory, was originally built for the National Guard troops in 1941.  This building housed a gymnasium, rifle practice range, and housing for troops until it was donated to the Stoughton Area School District in the 1960s. The main gymnasium has been in use by the District since that time.  In 2022, the Stoughton community voted to replace the Armory building with a new addition to River Bluff Middle School as a part of the 2022 Facilities Referendum. 

More information on the River Bluff Campus historical sign here.  For more information on the current plans for the River Bluff Middle School addition, visit the Stoughton Area School District’s website.


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